Social and Recreational Opportunities

Social Action Committee member Richard Graff passes out Valentine's Day candy at Nienas School in DetroitWhat do people served by JARC do? Whatever they want!

People served by JARC are strongly encouraged to develop and pursue hobbies and interests.  Most either work or attend a day program.  Family members of people served are amazed that their loved one is always so BUSY.  Whether they’re at a ballgame, a concert or a picnic, people served by JARC are on the go.  Those served by JARC can choose from a variety of opportunities:

  • Social and recreational activities offer everything from a cruise on the Detroit River to Super Bowl parties to concerts and bowling, JARC is equipped to provide activities that interest and stimulate the people we serve.
  • JARC’s Making Community Connections program seeks to foster connections and friendships between people with and without disabilities in integrated settings based on common interests.
  • Religious life is encouraged by providing access to religious activities for those that choose them. JARC adds spirituality as another important dimension to the lives of those served.  From Shabbat dinners to the Christian Social Group, JARC seeks new and exciting ways to meet this important need.
  • Social Action opportunities are available to people served by JARC who want to give back and do so by participating in numerous projects in the community, including packing Valentine’s candy for needy children or preparing and serving dinner at a homeless shelter.

To learn more about JARC’s Social and Recreational Activities, please contact Monee Whitney at 248-488-7532 or