JARC residential services have provided caring support to people with developmental disabilities for 50 years. These residential settings are at the core of JARC’s services. From supporting people who live independently to offering 24/7 staffing for people with complex medical needs, JARC makes a home for every person.

  • JARC serves 174 people in 80 locations in Oakland County.

  • Thirty (30) locations provide 24-hour staffing to 118 adults. Of these locations, 12 are group homes licensed by the State of Michigan.

  • JARC owns 19 homes and condominiums.

  • Individualized levels of staff support enable 43 individuals to live independently in 34 various locations throughout the community.

  • Fourteen of the individuals served are developmentally disabled and Deaf.

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Each JARC home and residential setting centers around making a life for the people living in it. This means including them in decision-making, providing them with opportunities to learn and grow; and offering them safe, warm, loving environments that inspire a feeling of family for all. 

To learn more about JARC’s residential services, contact Rachel Wall at 248-940-2600 or email