Planned Giving

Join Guardians for Tomorrow and ensure your legacy to JARC through one of our many Planned Giving opportunities.  In addition, many planned giving vehicles offer immediate and/or estate tax benefits for the donor.

Some examples of planned gifts:

  • Charitable bequests
  • Life insurance
  • Charitable gift annuities
  • Charitable remainder trusts

For information about Planned Giving at JARC, please contact Carol Kaczander at 248-488-7523 or

Stories of Planned Giving 


Throughout his distinguished medical career, Lenny Hutton has helped bring countless babies into the world. He may never know the impact these babies will later have on their families, their communities and the world. Lenny, together with his wife Shelley, has made his own impact on JARC and the individuals and families it serves, by their generous gift of the proceeds of a life insurance policy.

Shelley and Lenny Hutton

Lenny has had a deep and long-standing connection to JARC’s mission. Having had a brother with developmental disabilities at a time before JARC existed, he knows very well what a difference it makes for a family to have a support system. His support for JARC led him to serve on the organization’s Board of Directors and to support JARC with generous donations. When he realized that a life insurance gift would enable Shelley and him to increase the impact of their giving, the decision was an easy one.

The Huttons encourage JARC supporters to consider this vehicle for support, an easy and very rewarding way to help provide for lives of dignity and meaning.



Sandy and Denny Dembs have been committed to JARC for nearly two decades. Over the years, they have shown their support by volunteering, serving on the Board, as Fundraiser chairpersons and as Guardians For Tomorrow.  In designating JARC as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, they have also passed along to their children and grandchildren a heartfelt commitment to ensuring JARC's future.  Sandy tells her story about JARC from her heart:

We initially became interested in JARC through a close friend. I started out as a volunteer in the office and soon became a one-to-one volunteer with a woman served in the Independent Living Services program. The rewards I received far outweighed the time I invested. 

An opportunity we highly recommend is visiting a JARC home for Shabbat dinner. The people JARC serves put you at ease with their warm smiles and excitement at having a dinner guest. Don't be surprised if they invite you back again.

Our children became a part of the JARC family after attending a fundraising event. They also shared a Shabbat dinner, and eventually took our grandchildren so that they could feel comfortable being with people who may be different.

We are so proud that Ryan and Lindsay (Dembs) have been the Fall Fundraiser Young Adult Co-chairs, and Ryan is a former member of the JARC Board.  So, our love for JARC has been passed on to the next generation and we have no doubt it will be passed down to their children as well.

We also chose to participate in JARC's Life Insurance program because it allowed us to provide a significant gift for the future. We are very honored and privileged to be part of JARC. The experience has truly enriched our lives.



Rabbi Jason and Elissa Miller

Rabbi Jason Miller grew up hearing about all the great things JARC does.  His mother, Bobbie Miller, has served on JARC's Board of Directors for nearly two decades and instilled in her children from a young age the lessons of caring for people with disabilities.  Jason, a local rabbi who works at Tamarack Camps and started a kosher certification business (Kosher Michigan), joined JARC's Board in 2009.  He believes that, "JARC is one of the most important organizations in our state". 

Jason and his wife, Elissa, have introduced their three children (Joshua, Jonah and Talya) to the men and women served by JARC.  During the Sukkot holiday, the Millers opened their sukkah to visitors from several JARC homes.  The Miller children welcomed everyone and demonstrated how to shake the lulav and etrog.  A couple of months later at a Hanukkah Bingo event held at the JARC office, Josh and Jonah handed out Bingo cards and warmly greeted guests they remembered meeting in their sukkah!

Both Jason and Elissa Miller want to see JARC continue its vital mission for many years to come.  That is why they have included JARC in their estate plan.  With hope and pride Jason adds,"We look forward to the day when our own children will host the men and women of JARC in their own sukkah.  We hope our legacy will ensure that JARC will be always be here for future generations."



Julie Burnett and her daughter Tracy.

Julie Burnett and her daughter Tracy.

Estate planning is more than just financial planning for the future.  Julie Burnett along with her parents, Hal and Shirley Burnett (of blessed memory), wanted to ensure that Julie's daughter, Tracy, would be able to live independently when she turned eighteen.  Tracy has now moved into a "home of her own", which was her grandparents' former house.  She shares the home with two housemates and they have settled into a familiar and comfortable routine.

I am more than pleased that Tracy has the opportunity to be independent.  I also enjoy the opportunity to care for horses and to have children get to know them. So, I have included the important parts of my life in my estate plan.  There is a distribution that will support horses. And I am including JARC to ensure that it will always be there, not just for Tracy but for everyone who needs JARC services. I think we all need to consider what is important and take action to leave our legacy.