JARC Heart and Gentle Teaching

Loretta Randolph and Robbie Kaczander

Loretta Randolph and Robbie Kaczander

JARC Heart is our long-standing philosophy of care that helps all JARC staff know what we value and why. It:

  • guides us when we provide intimate physical care.

  • helps us focus on those we serve as individuals.

  • teaches us how to provide clean, warm, beautiful homes.

  • helps us guide those we serve to become assets to the community as well as become recognized and welcome community members.

  • encourages our advocacy efforts.


A Culture of Gentleness is a philosophy that perfectly compliments JARC Heart. It helps us create an environment where people feel safe, loved, loving, and want to be involved with others.

To accomplish these things, we must authentically use our words, our eyes, our presence and our touch to uplift and instill value in others.

A Culture of Gentleness helps us see that “behavior problems” are not the problem; the problem is what is causing the behavior.  When we build positive relationships with people, they no longer feel the fear, isolation, confusion or anger that cause them to act in ways that hurt themselves or others. Changing others is not the goal of a Culture of Gentleness. JARC believes in it because a Culture of Gentleness is in keeping with our belief in the inherent dignity and worth of all people, regardless of disability.