Green Initiatives

The Nusbaum Family Home in Farmington Hills, MI is the nation's first barrier-free "green" homeJARC has made a committed effort to operate in as energy-efficient and ecologically-responsible, or "green", manner as possible.  Recycling is encouraged and grants for energy-saving appliances, heating and cooling systems and more are constantly being sought out.  

Here are many of the "green" initiatives already being incorporated into JARC's everyday practices:

• Built the nation's first barrier-free "green" home

• Installed geothermal heating and cooling in two homes

• Installed solar-assisted hot water in two homes

• Use scrap paper whenever possible

• Use energy-efficient light bulbs in homes and office

• Manuals and forms are posted electronically

• Reduced staff newsletter to monthly instead of bi-weekly

• Use electronic communication whenever possible

• Use environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies

• Recycle toner cartridges

• Use reusable grocery bags in every home

• Recycle paper, plastic, cans, batteries, cardboard and computers in the office

• Recycle allowable materials in each home