Children / Families

Provides support services to children and young adults living with their families.

Funds In This Category:

  • Nora and Guy Barron C.L.A.S.S.
  • Marvin and Betty Danto JARC Respite
  • David-Horodoker Children's Therapy and Equipment Fund
  • Merle and Shirley Harris Children and Family Division
  • Ilyssa Kahn “Night on the Town”
  • Kosins Family Foundation Respite
  • Benard L. Maas Foundation All-Inclusion
  • Rachel and Joshua Opperer Family Respite Services
  • Jack and Sylvia Scherr School Inclusion Endowment Fund
  • Dr. Lawrence D. Sills Children’s
  • Rabbi and Mrs. M. Robert Syme Children’s