Staff Training / Recognition

Provides specialized and continuing training to staff.

Funds In This Category:

  • Berlin Family Training and Social Work Family Projects
  • Joyce Keller and Michael A. Walch Staff Recognition
  • Kolodney JARC Heart
  • Meyer and Sarah Pearlman Endowment
  • Abe and Doris Schmier Staff Scholarship
  • Janis and Larry Shulman Staff Awards
  • Joel Sukenic Professional Development
  • Bruce Swimmer Staff Training
  • Ronald and Mary Thayer Staff Training
  • Staff Holiday Fund
  • Woll Family Fund for Staff Education, Development and Appreciation

Sports / Recreational / Travel

Enables people served to participate in a variety of life-enriching experiences.

Funds In This Category:

  • Andy Collins Super Bowl Party
  • Irene Elkus Good Times
  • Dale and Bruce Frankel/Jo Elyn and George Nyman Making Community Connections
  • Kaufman Family Sports and Recreation
  • Terry Wayne Korman Culture and Recreation
  • Ellen and Jim Labes Vacation Home Fund
  • Julie and Ed Levy, Jr. Therapeutic Recreation
  • Mondry Family Culture and Travel
  • Dr. Leslie and Richard Moss Cultural Enrichment
  • Rosalie and Bruce Rosen “RRR” Program
  • Frank and Gert Selman Sports
  • Shelby Tauber Fun
  • Nancy Wagner Entertainment

Special Purpose

Designated for specific purpose needs.

Funds In This Category:

  • Chris Hench Gentle Teaching
  • Hermelin/Borman/Tauber Director's Discretionary
  • JARC Celebrating Diversity
  • Joyce Keller Legacy
  • Harry Komisar and Lillian and Hyman Feldman
  • Susie and Norman Pappas Donor Recognition
  • Sam Patron Volunteer Services Fund
  • The Helman-Pogoda JARC and Hillel Day School Partnership Fund
  • Tony Richman JOIN Scholarship
  • Mildred and Harold Singer Clothing
  • Bill Sloman and Dave Wittenberg Project Green
  • Anna and Philip Slomovitz Scholarship
  • Richard and Ann Smitt Special Projects
  • Norman Wachler Special Needs


Facilitates a Jewish way of life for those who choose to embrace it.

Funds In This Category:

  • Ben and Evelyn Bider
  • Mort Eskin Mitzvah and Munchies
  • David-Horodoker Passover
  • Sally and Joseph D. Feldman Shabbat Dinner
  • Herbert L. and Cecilia Harris Judaic
  • Keller Family Judaic
  • Norman and Minnie Levine Shabbat and Holiday
  • Arthur Nusbaum/Lori and Robert Nusbaum Sukkot
  • Ralph and Beverly Woronoff Passover

Homes / Properties

Ensures the maintenance and upkeep of JARC homes and residences.

Funds In This Category:

  • Louis C. Blumberg Maintenance
  • Janice Charach Home
  • Feldstein/Katzman Home
  • Gilbert/Katzman Family Home
  • Evelyn and Salman Grand Home
  • House Beautification
  • Joyce Keller/Michael A. Walch Home
  • Esther and Harry Korelitz Landscape Beautification
  • Ellen Labes Vacation Home
  • Dan and Miriam Medow Maintenance for the Medow Home
  • Nusbaum Family Home
  • Albert and Doris Pitt Home Permanent Operations
  • Hilda Schechter Home

Health / Welfare

Provides specialized care and medical support for all stages of life.

Funds In This Category:

  • Berlin Family Patient Advocacy 
  • Gelfond Family Endowment Fund for Ill and Aging Services
  • Goodman Family Fund for Seniors
  • Seymour Gordon Health and Wellness
  • Benard L. Maas Foundation Advocacy
  • Benard L. Maas Foundation Quality of Life
  • Etta and Lynn Podolsky Culinary Arts
  • Paul B. Solway Medical Needs
  • Ben N. Teitel Fund for Seniors

General Operations

Provides for the general operating expenses of the agency.

Funds In This Category:

  • Robert Bayer Memorial
  • Beck and Weiss Family Fund
  • Sara and Harry Berlin Endowment
  • Minnie and David Berman Memorial
  • Maxine and Byron Canvasser
  • Lawrence Capp Memorial
  • David Carroll Staff Support Fund
  • Dr. Howard L. and Leslie Chazen
  • Cohn/Haddow Families Endowment
  • Warren and Margot Coville Scholarship
  • Beverly and David Frank Endowment
  • Samuel and Jean Frankel Residential Services Department
  • General Fund
  • Seymour and Gertrude Gilmore Memorial
  • William and Sandra Goodman Endowment
  • Dr. Martin E. Guyer Quality of Life Fund
  • Mark Kahn Family Fund
  • Greenstein-Kreisman
  • Bernice and Ralph Helper
  • Rheba Herman Memorial
  • Martin Hersch Memorial
  • David and Esther Jacob Memorial
  • Nancy and Joseph Jacobson Endowment
  • Ted and Frances Kaczander Memorial
  • Harold and Gerrie Kalt Endowment
  • May Katz Endowment
  • Korotkin Insurance Group Centennial Anniversary
  • Laker Family
  • Jennie and Emanuel Lenter
  • Barbara Manko Memorial
  • Sophie Mikon Memorial Fund
  • Erwin Miller Memorial
  • Seymour Morrow Memorial
  • Sylvia and Hyman Rosenberg Memorial
  • Debby Rubin Memorial
  • Charlotte and Harold Rubinstein Endowment
  • Schafer Family
  • Jack and Sylvia Scherr Endowment
  • Jack and Miriam Shenkman
  • Margaret and Joel M. Shere
  • Ronald Shink Memorial
  • Sarah Simons Memorial
  • Allen J. Sipher Memorial
  • John Sklar Memorial
  • Smitt Family
  • Elayne R. Swimmer Memorial
  • Anna and Joseph Tanzman Memorial
  • Helene and Mel Wallace Endowment
  • Yarrows/Sitner Family Endowment
  • Lillian and Hyman Zalenko Endowment

Children / Families

Provides support services to children and young adults living with their families.

Funds In This Category:

  • Nora and Guy Barron C.L.A.S.S.
  • Marvin and Betty Danto JARC Respite
  • David-Horodoker Children's Therapy and Equipment Fund
  • Merle and Shirley Harris Children and Family Division
  • Ilyssa Kahn “Night on the Town”
  • Kosins Family Foundation Respite
  • Benard L. Maas Foundation All-Inclusion
  • Rachel and Joshua Opperer Family Respite Services
  • Jack and Sylvia Scherr School Inclusion Endowment Fund
  • Dr. Lawrence D. Sills Children’s
  • Rabbi and Mrs. M. Robert Syme Children’s