JARC’s annual operating budget is approximately $11.5 million.

2017 Fall Fundraiser Chairs Dani Gillman and Ben Chutz at the Young Adult Pre-Glow.

2017 Fall Fundraiser Chairs Dani Gillman and Ben Chutz at the Young Adult Pre-Glow.

The primary funding source for long-term supports for people with disabilities is Medicaid, a joint federal-state program.  Macomb-Oakland Regional Center (MORC) and Community Living Services–Oakland County (CLS-OC) are the two local recipients of Medicaid funds.  These two agencies in turn contract with JARC (and other organizations) to provide services.

Despite the funding provided by MORC and CLS-OC, JARC would not be able to provide care in accordance with its high standards without additional support from individuals and businesses throughout our community.

JARC raises approximately $3 million each year from generous donors to support additional services not funded by the public system.

Some examples of what JARC provides with the tax-deductible contributions from individuals and businesses include:

  • Well-kept homes in safe neighborhoods.

  • Participation in a wide variety of social, recreational and cultural programs.

  • Access to religious services for those who choose.

  • Compensation above industry standards for Direct Service Providers. This ensures stability and familiarity for the people we serve, in addition to high staff morale. Attracting and retaining the best possible staff ensures that the people we serve will be treated with the utmost care and dignity.

  • JARC’s Volunteer Program, including the coordination of over 1,000 volunteers who support JARC’s homes, programs and administrative operations.

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