Community Service For High School Students

JARC has a number of ways for high school students to gain a meaningful volunteer experience while fulfilling requirements for high school graduation and National Honor Society membership.


  • Friend-to-Friend volunteers work directly with the individuals JARC serves, sharing their time and friendship. Whether you take a walk, run an errand, or just share a cup of coffee and conversation, you can make a tremendous difference in someone’s life.


  • Special skills volunteers share a particular talent or area of expertise with individuals served by JARC. If you know a lot about something – computers, music, sewing, cooking, and more – you have something to teach or contribute to a person with a disability.


MCUSY teens volunteering at a monthly Bingo night

MCUSY teens volunteering at a monthly Bingo night


  • Office volunteers assist with general administrative duties at the JARC office.



  • Judaic volunteers share their love of Judaism with their friends from JARC, perhaps by gathering for a Shabbat dinner, celebrating a holiday, or with Judaic programming.


The Student Volunteer Consent Form must be completed before service begins.

For information about volunteering at JARC, contact us at