Services For Children, Teens And Adults Living With Their Families


JARC serves hundreds of families that have a child with any disability or an adult with a developmental disability living at home.

Services include:

  • Respite Care

  • Preparation for Residential Placement

  • Social and Recreational Programs

For more information about our services, please contact Rachel Wall at 248-940-2600.

Respite and/or Community Living Supports

Our Respite/CLS Program utilizes specially-trained staff.  Respite/CLS staff provide families with a much-needed break from caring for their children with disabilities.  They also teach skills and work on goals as outlined in the person's service plan.  Respite/CLS staff will help the person participate in community activities and are trained to provide medical assistance, as needed.

To learn more about our respite care services, contact Rachel Wall at 248-940-2600.

Preparation For Residential Move

JARC provides information and support for an eventual move into a JARC group home, transition home or to live in one's own home.  We can help parents and families develop short- and long-term plans for their children and can discuss the importance of estate planning and governmental benefits.

Families can also visit our homes and programs to get a first-hand look at our top-notch services.

To learn more about our preparation for residential placement, contact Rachel Wall at 248-940-2600 or email