What Makes JARC Unique

Providing residential and support services is JARC's primary focus.  However, what makes JARC stand above other service providers are the unique and enriching opportunities offered to those served.  

Ivan Rossman is a member of the Livonia Wood Carving Club

Ivan Rossman is a member of the Livonia Wood Carving Club

Making Community Connections

Making Community Connections (MCC) is a JARC initiative to enable people with disabilities to be OF the community, not just IN the community.  This means that they are not merely bystanders but appreciated, acknowledged and accepted by other community members.  The MCC program has facilitated over 50 connections between people with and without disabilities.  These connections are occurring in a variety of community settings, activities and clubs.  

Trained JARC staff, known as Community Guides, offer varying levels of support based on the needs of each participant.  With the support of a Community Guide, individuals, regardless of their degree of disability, are joining special-interest clubs, volunteering and becoming members of community and religious groups.


Opportunities For A Variety of Religious Experiences

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JARC celebrates religious diversity by making it possible for everyone to worship in the faith of their choice.  Regularly scheduled Jewish activities, as well as monthly Christian Social Group meetings and activities, provide additional spiritual enrichment.




JARC Staff

JARC’s Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) provide high-quality care to people with disabilities.  Each DSP has undergone extensive training that far surpasses the minimums required by state law and other mandates. 

Staff receives annual CPR and first aid training and bi-annual driver’s training.  Staff also undergoes rigorous background and fingerprint checks.

JARC hires the best – only the top 5% of applicants are hired.  Those hired tend to stay with JARC for years; many DSPs have been with JARC for ten years or more.