JARC and David-Horodoker Organization Share Shabbat


L to R: Carol Kaczander, Event Chairs Amy Brody and Rachel Schostak, and Jaclyn Trope

The David-Horodoker Organization (DHO) was originally formed to aid the community of David-Horodok, located in what is now the Republic of Belarus.  Years later, members who immigrated to the Detroit area decided to continue their charitable giving locally. 

On July 12, 2013 several members of the DHO joined Robbie Kaczander, Danny Jonas and the staff at the Hilda Schechter Home in West Bloomfield for a Shabbat BBQ.  Making the occasion even more memorable is the fact that Robbie's grandfather came from David-Horodok, making Robbie a third generation member of the group.  A total of nineteen guests enjoyed the Shabbat celebration, including the DHO's youngest member, two-week old Lily Rose Brody, daughter of Amy and Stuart Brody. 

 Over the years, the organization established two funds to support JARC's mission.  The David Horodoker Passover Fund helps to defray costs related to celebrating the holiday for people in the independent living program.  The David-Horodoker Children's Therapy and Equipment Fund helps with unmet needs of children served in JARC’s Harris Children and Family Division. 

To make a contribution or tribute to the David Horodoker Passover Fund or the David-Horodoker Children’s Therapy and Equipment Fund, call 248-538-6611 or go to www.jarc.org/donate