OU William Beaumont School of Medicine Parntership

At the conclusion of a semester-long introduction to JARC, including disability awareness and Gentle Teaching curriculum, JARC received the following letter from professor Dr. Ernest Krug. The JARC/OUWB partnership was part of a class in Medical Humanities and Clinical Bioethics for second year students.  JARC was honored to have the opportunity to influence the attitudes and skills of future physicians.
Dear Mr. Loewenstein,
I wanted to formally thank you and all the staff who participated in the educational program for second year OUWB students during the January to April time frame.  It was a resounding success and deeply appreciated by the students.  I also want to thank the residents of the homes we visited and their caregivers, who received us warmly and who enabled the students to get to know the residents a bit as persons with their own hopes, dreams, and relationships.   Though a brief interaction, it was very meaningful.
Best wishes and thanks for all that JARC does to provide a meaningful home, school, and work life for its residents and others it serves.  I hope we can continue to have the benefit of this opportunity for our students.
Ernest Krug

Ernest F. Krug, III, M.Div., M.D., FAAP
Professor of Biomedical Sciences and Pediatrics
Course Director, Medical Humanities and Clinical Bioethics
Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine