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Please know that two thirds of JARC’s funding comes from government sources.  The other third must come from you and it’s what makes JARC…JARC.

With your support, the extraordinary care of JARC will continue.

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The Marilynn and Morton Collins Home in West Bloomfield.

Some examples of what JARC provides with private contributions:

Participation in a wide variety of social, recreational and cultural programs for adults and teens.

Coordination of over 1,000 volunteers who support JARC’s homes, programs, and administrative operations

More of Your Dollars Directly Support JARC Services

A March 2013 article in Crain’s Detroit Business highlighted the cost of fundraising for Michigan non-profit organizations.  “Charities receive on average only 35 cents of every dollar raised through contracted professional fundraisers that solicit in Michigan,” according to Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette. A March 7 press release from the Attorney General’s office quoted the Better Business Bureau’s Standard for Charity Accountability, stating that charities should “spend no more than 35% of related contributions on fundraising. Related contributions include donations, legacies, and other gifts received as a result of fundraising efforts.” According to the release, Michigan law prohibits charities from “falsely telling donors that 90% of their donations go to the charity, when that is, in fact, not true.”